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Below are a few examples of the services our team provides. 
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    K-Line Pod
    K-line pods are great for irrigating pastures to yards and football fields to gardens. Little maintenance and easy to use.
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    We can design custom pump stations from the very complicated to the basic plan. We have one of the best welders in the business.
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    Digging and Laying Pipe and/or Wire
    Our team is ready to dig and lay pipe in any field. We also lay electrical cable.
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    Pivot Setup
    Our crew will fully install a pivot.
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    Zimmatic Pivot
    We design a system that will fit your field and specifications. Call us for a free quote!
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    FieldNet systems will provide technology.
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    Cornell Irrigation Pump
    We can fully install pumps.
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    K-Line System
    A K-Line Pod system is quick and easy to move and maintain.
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    Wheel Lines
    New and Used Wheel Lines
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    FieldNet- Please see videos at
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    Varriable Rate Irrigation
    Diagram of using Varriable Rate Irrigation (VRI) to vary the amount of water per field area.
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    Corner Machine
    Increase the number of acres irrigated with a corner machine. Guided by GPS.
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    Add fertilizer to your system with this chemigation system.
  1. Zimmatic Pivot System
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    Zimmatic Pivot System
  2. K-Line Systems
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    K-Line Systems
  3. Cornell Irrigation Pumps
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    Cornell Irrigation Pumps